Animal Activists Stories

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Rescue Couples


Yes, they are lovey-dovey and yes, they are affectionate. But more than for each other, it is for the abandoned and the abused. And it’s their door mat that reads ‘welcome’ for the voiceless souls who don’t have homes anymore. That’s right. AjayDeep Singh and Samita Sharma are not just married to each other but also to their heartfelt cause of saving dogs and giving them a new life. And they are upholding their passion from their residence in Faridabad.
The couple has been turning savior for pedigrees and dogs who are lost or, at times, run away from home. They treat them, get the fear out of their minds, make them fit for adoption and get them re-adopted. And since the times they decided to take up this noble duty, the two haven’t been on a vacation. AjayDeep is a well-read professional, an IT Consultant and despite his daily chores, he manages to give time to the adopted kids. Often discouraged by neighbours and people who don’t feel for animals, the man and wife on a mission have never let it become a hurdle in their way of goodness.

Home Sweet Home


Not very different is the story of Nadir Khan and his wife PiaSethi, whofeed almost 1,800 dogs in Sector 56, 57 of SushantLok, Gurgaon. Apart from dogs, they also attend to other stray animals such as cattle and injured birds. Their routine has both travelling to various spots where dogs often wait for them to get fed. All the dogs at these places are vaccinated against rabies and are sterilized by them. Their noble cause has been inspiring enough for other NGOs in the area to supply them with free medical aid as the couple usually ends up spending most of their earnings on their selfless deed. They too, like AjayDeep and Samita, have given shelter to few of the dogs at their home. It is indeed a ‘Home Sweet Home’ for a lot of lives breathing in the National Capital Region, thanks to the kind-hearted couples.
The pledge, cause, kindness, passion to protect, make lives thrive… one often thinks, what could be the reason for their relentless efforts? And the answer echoes loud and clear. For every cruel action, there’s goodness waiting to nullify it. Despite several Indian laws in place for protecting animals, many Indians still disregard the idea of their peaceful existence alongside the concrete society. Time and again notices are issued; circulars are distributed to remind mankind of their duty towards the voiceless.